Why Advertise in Print?

Did you know that Google, Amazon and plenty of other web-only companies all promote their businesses and products with print magazines? That’s right: The same people who keep saying “print is dead” are using print to build their own businesses. Why shouldn’t you follow their lead and use print to build your business?

Here’s why you should.

    1. Print Magazines Engage Readers. Print magazines promote a kind of deep-reading experience that leads to a more thorough understanding of complex issues or stories (c). Your target customers, young and old, still enjoy the tactile process of turning pages to create a physical experience that engages the reader and increases memory recall (d). That’s why “magazine media are more trusted, inspiring, and influential than other media” (e) and are a great place to promote your product, service or brand.


    1. Print Magazines Have Less Noise, leading to a more receptive audience. Magazines are read for a longer period of time and without distraction, meaning your message will be both seen and remembered. “Brand recall is 70% higher for print media than digital media.” (f) That’s why “brands that advertise in print magazines achieve higher brand favorability.” (g)


    1. Print Magazines Offer a Better Value for your money. “Magazines rank between #1 and #2 in reaching influential consumers. Print ads are considered more valuable by readers (more informative, fit well with content, offer decision-making help, more likely to result in purchase). Print ads work regardless of ad size or placement — they inspire action.” (h)


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Rick WamreWhy Advertise in Print?

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