Advocate Magazines are better than our print and online competitors. Here’s why.

    1. Advocate Magazines are exceptional products. Because your advertisement runs next to our high-quality, locally produced, award-winning, relevant and local editorial, your marketing message will be seen, read and remembered. We’ve won more state and national awards for writing and design than we can remember. And more important than awards is what our readers think: More than 62% of our wealthy, influential readers keep our print magazine in their home one month or longer, so your message will be seen again and again.


    1. Advocate Magazines’ readers are wealthy, educated and influential. More than 87% of Advocate Magazine readers attended college. More than 52% of Advocate Magazine readers earn more than $100,000 annually. More than 65% of Advocate Magazine readers are between the ages of 25-54.  More than 72% of Advocate Magazine readers say they “frequently purchase products or services from ads” in our magazines. And virtually all of our readers are local — they live just down the street from your business, and they want to support local businesses.


    1. Advocate Magazines Means Buy Local. Advocate Magazines fosters a “buy local” community spirit among our 500,000 print and online readers. Neighbors read Advocate Magazines, and they recommend businesses they see in Advocate Magazines to their neighbors and friends. Businesses love to say they build their business through word-of-mouth — there’s no better way to build word-of-mouth marketing to target customers than Advocate Magazines.


    1. Advocate Magazines Works Hard to Help You Succeed. Big budgets or small, Advocate Magazines will work with you to build a marketing campaign that will reach our readers and build your business. We have a number of print and digital products available at a variety of price points to make sure you can reach your target customer where and when it makes the most sense, regardless of your budget. Pro Tip: “Just because something costs less doesn’t mean it’s saving you money. Don’t assume the lowest price wins. Consider all aspects of what you are paying for when considering media options.” (i) Be sure you ask, and understand, how many people a publication or media product reaches, where the people live and what is the demographic make-up of the audience. Make sure the publication can prove that people read their product, too. (Don’t just assume it, ask for proof.) Sure, you can always find a lower price — but that probably means your advertising won’t be seen by as many people, especially the customers you are targeting.


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Rick WamreAdvocate Magazines are better than our print and online competitors. Here’s why.

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